The latest statistic shows that divorce rates have decreased in the US to the lowest ever in modern times. On the other hand, even the rate of marriage has decreased. One likely answer to this trend is that the people who are not getting married nowadays are more likely the people who would have been divorced if they did marry. It is also more acceptable socially not to prioritize marriage nowadays and to focus on professional and other goals or to hold off until later in life.

Some individuals are also opting to not getting married entirely, instead of making and then regretting the decision. There is also another aspect to the decrease in the divorce rate due to the large number of immigrants who come from cultures where divorce is less accepted. Some ethnic groups have a 0% divorce rate almost, and when a high number of these individuals enter the country, then the entire divorce rate of the country goes down. Fewer divorces can also mean fewer people available to get remarried and less divorce mean that there is a smaller pool of individuals who are in the eligible category for marriage again which further reduces the figure of divorce.