Quick Guide to Selling Your Car in Detroit for Free

Selling Your Car in Detroit for Free

There comes a point in every vehicle owner’s life that they need to part with their beloved vehicle. Maybe the car is no longer in good condition, maybe it has become too expensive to maintain. Or maybe you are going through a divorce and need to dump your car quickly. Regardless of the reason, there are ways for you to sell your car without having to cost you a dime.

eBay Classifieds or Close5

If you are not looking to sell your vehicle to someone that lives on the other end of the country, so going local say within 200 miles is reasonable, a good way to do so is to use the classified section on eBay. While putting an ad on eBay is free, using another service called eBay Motors is not.  Usually, people look at eBay classifieds first and if they like the offer a deal can be made very quickly.  People looking for second hand cars, junk cars or scrap cars may be just be interested depending on the condition of your car.


Craigslist may not be the best place to sell something, but there are many people looking to purchase stuff there including vehicles.  The fact that it is free means you probably will get a bit of spam, just filter them to get to the serious buyers. Just like eBay you will be required to create a listing. Be as honest as you can so as to avoid any miscommunication later on.

Old School Approach

Don’t like dealing with Internet trolls? Go old school by using a simple for sale sign and placing it on your vehicle windshield for people to see. Make sure you park your car in a safe, well lit area where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Hassle Free Car Selling

If you really do not want any hassles about selling your car, the quickest way to do so would be to contact a reputable sell my junk car specialist. Companies like the Cash For Junk Cars Detroit folks who are reputable and make fair offers. They can provide free towing, an honest to goodness assessment of your car so you can get the best value for it in its current state.


Date Night Idea #1 – Bottle of Wine and a Redbox Movie

Date Night Bottle of Wine

Date Night at Home with Wine and Movie

Date night can be one of the reasons couples are eager to get through the week to experience. A good definition of date night is “an occasion when two people go out together to have a very good time.” The key is married or in a relationship. Going out with just the two of you provides the opportunity to adjust, get to know each other again after a week of work, kids, problems, and just life in general.

Even if you have been married for fifty years or just a couple of months or your relationship is only three weeks old, date night needs to become a habit. Keeping the spark in your relationship equals going out together. Couples and dating surveys have found that 45 percent of couples don’t take advantage of that alone together night. Only 18 percent say they actually go out together without kids or friends once a month.

Low and very sad numbers. Every couple’s counselor recommends a night out on the town or a stay at home alone with your significant other. The trick is just the two of you. Family night at the movies does not count neither does that dinner with a group of friends. Date night means two of you, just you two.

Simplicity can be the key in finding ideas for date night. Do something fun. It could be just a bottle of wine and that reasonably priced Redbox movie that you have been dying to see. Get a babysitter if you have kids, snuggle on the couch and just enjoy being together.

Why Date Night

· Romance. Your relationships or marriage needs a once a week date night. There is a huge difference between just going out or going on a date. Date night is with your love. It’s a trip back to when you were getting to know each other. Make your time together meaningful. Hold hands and talk.

· Stop just doing. Date night means connecting with each other. It is not about getting things done. Put aside your chores and worries. Going out together means expressing affection and feeling close. Keep those difficult conversations for another time. Try turning off your phones. Being together on a date is the time to have your love’s undivided attention.

· Show commitment. Make someone else your priority.

· Enjoyment. Before obligations and kids got in the way, there was just two of you. You had fun, enjoyed each other and found different activities to keep the spark alive. Whatever happened to that stargazing activity you used to love? Do it again.

Make an effort to have a date night. Studies have proven that those who have couple time once a week are more likely to stay together, be happy in their marriages, and feel like they are a part of a twosome. Attitude is a great idea. What you do together isn’t important, having a candlelight dinner once a week is expensive, so just keep it simple. One couple used their date night as a time to sit together on a porch swing and just hold hands.…

Divorce And Marriage Rate Are Both Falling In The United States

The latest statistic shows that divorce rates have decreased in the US to the lowest ever in modern times. On the other hand, even the rate of marriage has decreased. One likely answer to this trend is that the people who are not getting married nowadays are more likely the people who would have been divorced if they did marry. It is also more acceptable socially not to prioritize marriage nowadays and to focus on professional and other goals or to hold off until later in life.

Some individuals are also opting to not getting married entirely, instead of making and then regretting the decision. There is also another aspect to the decrease in the divorce rate due to the large number of immigrants who come from cultures where divorce is less accepted. Some ethnic groups have a 0% divorce rate almost, and when a high number of these individuals enter the country, then the entire divorce rate of the country goes down. Fewer divorces can also mean fewer people available to get remarried and less divorce mean that there is a smaller pool of individuals who are in the eligible category for marriage again which further reduces the figure of divorce.